Traveling with David

October 30, 2021 • Kurt Selles

Stories are a vital part of being human. We tell stories in our families, at work, and in our communities. Children beg for stories at bedtime.

Teacher, pastor, and author Eugene Peterson wrote that a story “doesn’t just tell us something and leave it there—it invites our participation” (First and Second Samuel). For example, God’s great story to us in the Bible draws us into the human-making business of God. And there we see God at work in the lives of real, everyday people—all in the midst of sin, love, betrayal, and grace.

This month let’s enter into David’s story in the Bible. David became a great king in Israel, but in many ways he was like one of us. He lived in an atmosphere of ordinariness. He had to deal with sibling rivals. He made friends, and he had enemies. He also had to deal with the jealousy of others as God called him to serve and lead. David often had to make important choices while standing at a crossroads in his discipleship journey with God. He needed to discern which way God was leading him—and sometimes he made terrible mistakes.

Let’s join David on his journey, and let’s see what the Lord can teach us too.

November’s author, Reginald Smith, serves as director of diversity for the Christian Reformed Church in North America. He has also served as director of the CRC offices of Race Relations and Social Justice, and as a church pastor in Illinois, New Jersey, and Michigan. Reggie and his wife, Sharon, have three daughters.

As you read the Today devotions this month, may you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God’s Word!

Begin with day one of Traveling with David here or download the full PDF.

Kurt SellesKurt Selles

Kurt Selles

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