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Elizabeth and her husband have been together for 27 years. Elizabeth and her husband have had a difficult marriage. Years ago, they overcame addiction and abuse and they even attended church together for more than 13 years.

But then, her husband began drinking again.

Within three months, he fell into old ways and abused her.

Unsure how to keep her life from crumbling around her again, Elizabeth contacted the Family Fire ministry through the ministry website.

For people like her, reaching out digitally is the safest option.

“My husband is a great provider and can be so loving and caring, but it’s like he’s two different people. He can turn on me for no reason and my life becomes a living nightmare. I am so lost and don’t know what to do. Please help me; pray for us,” Elizabeth pleaded in an email.

Rev. Deb Koster, the producer of Family Fire, an online ministry of ReFrame Media, responded. She prayed for Elizabeth and told her that God does not intend for any marriage to be abusive. In the following weeks, Deb continued to connect with Elizabeth, offering her real-life solutions and directing her to additional support including an abuse-prevention hotline, a local counselor, and emergency housing.

Even though their interaction happened online, the impact was tangible and life-changing for Elizabeth.

“Your words have stayed with me; that I am God’s child, made in His image,” she responded.

After much prayer, Elizabeth has separated from her husband and continues to heal and pray about the future.

What would she have done if Reframe Media didn’t exist? Where would she have turned?

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