Here is Kylie Schumacker's photo and how God spoke to her:

“Our world is full of life and death, beauty and sorrow,” Kylie wrote. “When Jesus came and died on the cross there was so much pain and suffering, but then when he rose from the dead there was light and rejoicing. I think this photo represents this because when all of the leaves start to change colors it is so beautiful, but we tend to forget that the leaves are changing colors because they are dying. There can be beauty in death that we sometimes look past, and the hope that we have as Christians is because of what Jesus went through and endured for us, we are saved. We will get to experience eternal life with our Heavenly Father, which is a truly beautiful thing.”

Isn’t it incredible to see young people living out their faith and interacting with God’s Word in their daily lives? Maybe you remember seeing your child or grandchild praying and reading their Bible on their own. Or perhaps someone you mentor has asked you important questions about faith and life.

At Today our goal is to share God’s love and strengthen the faith of people from all different backgrounds and at all stages of life. And we are especially excited when these conversations happen among young people in our communities.

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