Author: Lloyd Wicker

Lloyd Wicker has been a pastor for more than eighteen years and has served churches in Illinois, Washington, and California. He currently serves as a chaplain with the United States Navy in Sicily. Lloyd and his wife, Heidi, have three children.

Devotions by Lloyd Wicker

Date Title Scripture Reference Topics
August 31, 2018 Servant Hospitality Philippians 2:1-11 Humility, Hospitality, Christianity, Discipleship, Service
August 30, 2018 God of Justice Isaiah 42:1-9 Christianity, Salvation, Life, Personal Growth, Justice, Purpose, Christian Life, Promises
August 29, 2018 Seeing Jesus Through the Crowd Mark 2:1-12 Christianity, Discipleship, Faith, Service, Life, Christian Life, Community
August 28, 2018 Seeking Shalom in Hardship Jeremiah 29:4-14 Christianity, Discipleship, Prayer, God, God's Plan, Life, Trials & Challenges
August 27, 2018 Graceful Working Together Romans 15:1-7; Colossians 3:12-14 Hospitality, Unity, Christianity, Doctrine, Forgiveness
August 26, 2018 The Mark of a Committed Disciple John 13:31-35 Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Faith, Life, Christian Life, Following Jesus
August 25, 2018 The Endless Debt to Love Romans 13:8-10 Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Service, Life, Family & Relationships
August 24, 2018 Generous Giving Matthew 6:1-4 Christianity, Discipleship, Service, Life, Personal Growth, Purpose, Selflessness
August 23, 2018 Uncompromising Loyalty to Christ Matthew 10:34-42 Christianity, Doctrine, New Life, Life, Emotions, Peace, Christian Life, Following Jesus
August 22, 2018 Doers of the Word James 1:22-27 Bible, God's Word, Christianity, Discipleship, Service, Life, Christian Life, Focus
August 21, 2018 ​Called to Remember Ephesians 2:11-22 Unity, Life, Christian Life, Community, Following Jesus
August 20, 2018 Living Out the Story of God Luke 10:1-12 God, God's Plan, Life, Personal Growth, Purpose, Christian Life, Community
August 19, 2018 You Have Been Preapproved Ephesians 1:3-14; 2:12-13 Adoption, God, God's Kingdom, Life, Trials & Challenges, Comfort
August 18, 2018 Doing Life Together Acts 2:42-47 Christianity, Discipleship, Attending Church, Life, Family & Relationships, Christian Life, Community
August 17, 2018 Hospitality in Becoming a Servant John 13:1-17 Hospitality, Christianity, Discipleship, Service, Life, Christian Life, Following Jesus
August 16, 2018 The Gospel in Word and Deed Luke 9:1-9 Evangelism, Bible, God's Word, Christianity, Discipleship, Service
August 15, 2018 Do Not Be Anxious Matthew 6:25-34 Life, Personal Growth, Choices, Purpose, Christian Life, Trust
August 14, 2018 Practicing Empathy Exodus 23:1-9 Hospitality, Kindness, Life, Trials & Challenges, Opposition
August 13, 2018 More Than Outward Appearance Acts 16:11-15 Faithfulness, Bible, Good News, Christianity, Discipleship, Worship
August 12, 2018 Living and Receiving the Gospel 1 Kings 17:7-24 Hospitality, Evangelism, Christianity, Discipleship, Grace, God, God's Plan
August 11, 2018 Who Is Our Neighbor? Luke 10:25-37 Compassion, Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Life, Trials & Challenges, Enemies
August 10, 2018 Courage in the Midst of Hardship 1 Peter 4:1-11 Unity, Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Life, Trials & Challenges, Suffering
August 9, 2018 Transformation From the Inside Out Luke 19:1-10 Christianity, Discipleship, Grace, Transformation, Life, Personal Growth, Christian Life, Seeking God
August 8, 2018 Serving With Compassion Luke 9:1-17 Compassion, Christianity, Discipleship, Grace, Service, God, Attributes of God
August 7, 2018 Love’s Generous Expression Hebrews 13:1-3 Hospitality, Kindness, Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Service
August 6, 2018 The Art of Receiving Mark 10:13-16 Christianity, Discipleship, Grace, God, God's Kingdom, Life, Christian Life, Trust
August 5, 2018 Seeing Beyond the Surface Luke 5:27-32 Evangelism, Christianity, Sin, Doctrine, New Life, Discipleship, Repentance
August 4, 2018 A Heart for Serving Others Mark 10:46-52 Bible, Life of Jesus, Christianity, Discipleship, Service, Life, Christian Life, Focus, Community
August 3, 2018 Selfless Generosity Luke 14:1-14 Humility, Hospitality, Generosity, Christianity, Discipleship, Grace
August 2, 2018 Called to Hospitality Romans 12:9-21 Hospitality, Life, Family & Relationships, Personal Growth
August 1, 2018 Room for Others Matthew 25:31-46 Hospitality, Christianity, Discipleship, Service, Life, Family & Relationships