Living Our Faith

As we look back on our lives, we are probably able to recall particular people who exemplified faith for us. They’re the kind of people who inspire us to have a closer walk with God.

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Sharing God's Story in Jamaica

Lois grew up in a pastor's family in Jamaica. Her parents' legacy has inspired her to write her own devotionals and share them online.

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Life in the Spirit

With the Holy Spirit, we begin living in eternity even now because of the presence of the eternal Spirit living within us.

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What is Pentecost and Its Significance?

Pentecost marks the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Jesus Christ promised to them before Jesus ascended into Heaven. But have you ever wondered where the name “Pentecost” comes from? Or what Pentecost means for Christians today?

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Devotions for Pentecost

Enjoy five short devotional readings, each including Scripture, a reflection, and prayer, to highlight the significance of Pentecost and the ways we are called to respond.

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Experiencing Jesus

This month we remember and celebrate Jesus’ ascension to heaven (May 13) and the coming of the Holy Spirit of God (May 23).

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Rooted in God’s Word: Richard’s Story

For a man named Richard, his rootedness in Christ ultimately saved his life, even though he had grown away from those roots.

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Trees in Scripture

Have you ever noticed the important role of trees in the Bible? Trees connect us with many experiences and promises in our life with God.

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Five Devotionals for Good Friday

These five short devotionals from Today include a Scripture passage, reflection, and prayer to help you focus on the cross and turn your eyes to Jesus.

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