When Life Changes: Helen's Journey with Today

When life changes—whether due to a worldwide pandemic or due to simply entering a new phase of life—God always provides opportunities to be fed, to learn, and to worship.

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Discovering Jesus

Let’s look in Mark this month for the many ways Jesus reveals himself and calls us to follow him as the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God.

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Dealing with the Christmas Blues

Christians often put an optimistic spin on the difficult seasons of our lives and struggle with admitting when we’re having a blue Christmas. The best way to deal with the Christmas blues is to accept them, to give ourselves permission to feel your emotions, and to allow the healing presence of God and his church to meet you in your pain.

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Finding Hope at Christmas

The Christmas season can be strained by busyness, relational strife, fiscal limitation, loneliness, and the pain of loss and grief. But we can find hope at Christmas in the assurance that, no matter what darkness we are struggling with, the light of Jesus Christ cannot be overcome.

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Dealing with Loss at Christmas

This year is unlike any other as many of us are experiencing some form of grief around the holidays. Find solace in digital connections with others, attend church services online, and remember the true meaning of Christmas—God’s unfailing love for you.

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Encouragement for a Blue Christmas

Whether you’re hurting because of loneliness, finances, or loss—the good news is that God is right there with you. Today devotional has gathered a set of fourteen devotions to reassure you that even during a Blue Christmas, you’re not alone.

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Questions, Questions

This month, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus, let’s look at some questions that are often asked about God the Father, Jesus, the Bible, prayer, the church, and more.

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Devotions for a Blue Christmas

For many people, Christmas is a time for family, giving, and happiness. But, for some the “most wonderful time of the year” is anything but wonderful. For them “blue Christmas” is real. Here is a selection of devotions to help you see God’s presence in your circumstances during the holidays.

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Old Testament Promises of a Savior Fulfilled

Mary and Joseph found themselves caught up in promises and events foretold throughout the Old Testament, many that would come to pass through them and in their lifetimes.

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