Devotions for Father's Day

What comes to mind when you hear the term Father’s Day? Whatever the case may be, we wanted to provide a gift for you: 5 devotionals for Father’s Day.

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The Early Church: The Path to Changing the World

This month’s Today readings study the early church. We will see those stories’ significance both then and now as we consider “The Early Church: The Path to Changing the World.”

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5 Devotions about Love

Be encouraged by these devotions about the love that God has for us—a love that strengthens and empowers us to show the same love to others, even when it’s hard.

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Devotions for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day means many different things to different people. Whether you’re celebrating your mom or grieving the loss of your child this Mother’s Day, here are 12 devotions for Mother’s Day.

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He Ascended Into Heaven

Our Today readings this month focus on Jesus’ ascension. We will consider both how Jesus prepared his disciples and what difference the ascension makes. Our theme this month is “He Ascended into Heaven.”

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Bedrock Beliefs

In April, our Today readings focus on the teachings of the Canons of Dort, a document written years ago that clarifies some of the rock-solid beliefs of the Bible that Christians hold true today. Our theme this month is “Bedrock Beliefs.”

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Short Devotions for Easter

These five short Easter devotionals will help you reflect on and rejoice at the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection.

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Announcing a New Editor for Today

Our Managing Editor, Eleanor Lamsma, is retiring after many years of faithful service with the Today devotional. Rev. Jeff Bulthuis will now focus on cultivating opportunities for readers like you to dwell in God’s Word through Today.

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Prophet, Priest, and King

In March, our Today readings focus on the roles Jesus serves as our Prophet, Priest, and King. And it also explains how we are called to those roles in our daily lives as Christians. Our theme this month is “Prophet, Priest, and King.”

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