Frequently Asked Questions

Will you pray for me?

Yes! — Send a request to our Prayer Ministry. Our Prayer Team members around the world are praying for our readers all the time!

Do you have resources for a person in crisis?

The best thing you can do in a crisis situation is to contact a professional. Our Prayer Ministry publishes a list of useful phone numbers to call, to help you handle the urgent needs of a crisis.

Once you've taken care of any urgent needs, you can also send us Prayer Request and search our Devotional Library to find encouraging devotions for almost any topic.

How do I sign up for the Today daily email?

Signing up is as simple as filling out your name and email address on this subscribe page.

I unsubscribed from the Today, but would like to subscribe again. How do I do that?

Follow this short guide to help you resubscribe to Today Devotional emails.

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How do I subscribe again if I accidentally marked one of your emails as spam?

If you accidentally marked one of our emails as spam you'll have to reach out to us directly using the contact form at the top of this page. Please note: it may take a couple of weeks for your email to become eligible again.

I don't know why I stopped receiving the Today Devotional email, how do I subscribe again?

If you didn't unsubscribe from the email or mark one of our emails as spam, then you probably stopped receiving your subscription because of a bounce. A bounce is when your email server tells our email server that something is either wrong with your email address or that your email server thinks that we're sending emails that we shouldn't be.

The first step is to add the email address [email protected] to your contact records in your email account. After you've added that email as a contact record, please reach out using the form at the top of this page. The more information you are able to provide the sooner we will be able to help you with your problem. Please include the following information:

  • Device (Desktop/laptop, tablet, mobile)
  • Operating System (Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS)
  • Email Client (Yahoo, Gmail, etc)
  • Detailed information about the problem that you are encountering

Email bounces can be tricky sometimes, so we appreciate your patience. Please check out the other ways to get the Today Devotional if you continue to encounter issues with the Today email.

How do I make sure I continue to receive Today?

  • Add [email protected] to your contacts/address book. If you do not know how to add a contact to your address book, click here for instructions.
  • Open and click the e-mails you do receive. This will let your inbox know it can trust incoming e-mails from [email protected].
  • Move any e-mails from [email protected] from the junk/spam folder into your primary folder/inbox. Your inbox will learn where to place these e-mails in the future.
  • Ask your IT person to whitelist the Today e-mail sending domain. This will tell your e-mail server to expect emails containing the Today Devotional’s domain.

Is Today available in large print versions?

Yes, the Today is available in a large print version. There is a subscription rate of $6.00 per year for the Large Print edition. Click here or call 800.879.6555(US)/905.336.2920(CAN) to subscribe.

Could my church receive multiple copies of the devotional for distribution to members and visitors?

Yes! In the United States, call 800-626-3060 and someone will gladly help you. In Canada, call 905-336-2920.

I sent in a donation, but I no longer receive my print Today. Why?

For you to receive Today, it is not necessary to send in a donation, although they are much appreciated. We do send out a renewal letter every other year to ensure that our mailing list remains current. If you do not return that letter or contact us in some other way, your name will be deleted from our list. Contact us to start getting it again!

I'm having issues renewing my Today Devotional, what is the best way to get help?

Sorry to hear you're having issues renewing your Today! The best way to get help is to fill out the form on the right side of this page, this will help us understand your situation and respond to you as quickly as we can.

Can I renew my bulk subscription online?

Presently, you cannot renew your Today print subscription online. To renew your bulk subscription please call 800.879.6555 if you are in the United States and 800.263.4251 if you are in Canada. If you have a bulk order outside of the U.S. or Canada please call 800.879.6555.

I would like to receive a new bulk order of Today devotionals, can I do that online?

No, you cannot order a new bulk subscription online. To order a new bulk subscription of Today devotionals please call 800.879.6555 if you are in the United States, and 800.263.4251 if you are in Canada. If you are outside of the United States/Canada please call 800.879.6555 to inquire about a bulk subscription.

In addition to reading Today online, how else could I access it?

Today is published in print booklet form, with two months of devotions in each booklet. It is mailed free of charge in the United States and Canada, and for a small subscription rate in other parts of the world. For a full list of subscription options, go to the subscribe page of our website.

Is Today sponsored by a church?

Today is sponsored by ReFrame Media, the English ministry of Back to God Ministries International. Back to God Ministries is an agency of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA), a Protestant denomination with its roots in the Netherlands. For more information about the Christian Reformed Church, go to

How do you solicit writers for Today?

Today writers are all ordained or commissioned pastors in the Christian Reformed Church. We maintain this standard in order to ensure that writings are theologically biblical and yet practical in application to our everyday lives. We use a mix of seasoned writers as well as new writers in order to maintain a fresh perspective and new ideas.

I'd like for a friend or relative to receive the Today. Can you send one to them?

If you would like to encourage them to sign up for the Today email, you can share the link with them. From there they can easily subscribe. If you prefer to send them a printed copy, contact us and we will send them a sample. If they wish to continue to receive , they will need to return a card included with the sample copy. Then we will add them to our mailing list.

I live in the south for several months in the winter. Will Today follow me?

Please contact us with your seasonal address, and we will do our best to send Today to you there. Please know, however, that timing with the mail can be extremely difficult, so there may be glitches in the system. If you want to be sure to receive Today every day, sign up by email!

I would like to contact the person who wrote a certain issue of Today. Can you give me their contact information?

Please contact us, and we will connect you with the pastor.

Why isn't the audio working?

We have technical hiccups from time to time. If you're experiencing technical issues with the Today audio, please Contact Us for assistance.