Finding Eternal Comfort in God

Like David, we can ask big questions when we’re facing big problems. And like David, we can also find deep comfort in God’s eternal care for us.

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Compassion and Generosity: Encouragement for Troubled Times

In the COVID-19 crisis many of us want to do something. During unprecedented times, we might be tempted to fall into one of two traps: turning all our attention inward or turning all our attention outward. Here are some devotions to help center your heart and refresh your spirit.

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Four Takes on Jesus' Final Week

Journey with us during this month of April as we look at Jesus’ ministry and his final week.

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For Pastors: Ministry between Sundays with Today

Especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Today devotional is a great way for pastor’s and church leaders to minister to and connect with congregations between Sundays.

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We Can Enjoy Deep Comfort in Small Things

Especially during times of crisis, God can give us deep comfort in the small things around us.

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Finding Comfort in Scripture in Times of Uncertainty

We live in a world full of sorrow and grief. Anxiety rises as our minds are filled with unknowns. Where can we go for comfort?

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with God Every Day

Here are five ways you can strengthen your relationship with God every single day.

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Short Family Devotions for Easter

Easter can serve as a meaningful reminder of the hope we have as believers. Here are a few short devotions to help your family reflect on this miraculous gift.

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They Met Jesus

Journey with us during this month of March as we consider people’s lives that were changed when “They Met Jesus.”

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