Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why does God allow suffering? That’s not an easy question to answer, but certain Bible passages tell us that God may display his works or deepen our belief in him during times of suffering. We can trust God for strength in our suffering, for we know that he has overcome the world.

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Finding God in the Midst of Pain

We look forward to the time when death, mourning, crying, and pain pass away. And we persevere because we trust God’s promise that he will see us through until that day comes.

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Seeking God in the Midst of a Health Crisis

Amid the deep hurt, loss, and abandonment we may feel during a health crisis, we can still seek comfort and peace from God.

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Jesus in Hebrews

This month we will be exploring the book of Hebrews together. As we reflect on these passages, let’s ask God to show us clearly that Jesus Christ is everything we need for our lives.

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Communities of people help us grow, help us deal with problems, help us celebrate great things, and help us confront conflict together. Together, let’s discover more about God's plan for community!

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5 Short Devotions for Online Meetings

Share one of these five short devotions at your next meeting to encourage, challenge, and inspire your team.

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Finding Eternal Comfort in God

Like David, we can ask big questions when we’re facing big problems. And like David, we can also find deep comfort in God’s eternal care for us.

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Compassion and Generosity: Encouragement for Troubled Times

In the COVID-19 crisis many of us want to do something. During unprecedented times, we might be tempted to fall into one of two traps: turning all our attention inward or turning all our attention outward. Here are some devotions to help center your heart and refresh your spirit.

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Four Takes on Jesus' Final Week

Journey with us during this month of April as we look at Jesus’ ministry and his final week.

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