Christmas Devotions for Moms

By Jordan An

November 28, 2022

For moms, the Christmas season can be many things:

Joyful – as we anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus and watching our children take in the joy and awe of the season. But then it can become stressful – scrambling to buy those last-minute gifts and finish up the holiday grocery list. All that can be exhausting – all the holiday parties and the often self-imposed pressure to make the season picture-perfect for our loved ones. Christmastime can also be lonely – missing family who live far away or mourning those we’ve lost.

Whatever the state of our hearts and minds this Christmas season, Jesus promises to meet us there. The story of Christmas reminds us that as Jesus came to us in human form, he too experienced joy, stress, exhaustion, and loneliness.

Listed below are five short Christmas devotions for moms experiencing every kind of Christmas. Each one contains a scripture reading, reflection passage, and a prayer to refresh, refocus, and renew your spirit this Christmas season.

Invited to Find Rest: A devotion for a busy Christmas

Although Christmas is a time to celebrate, for many, it only adds to our weariness. This devotion reminds us that in every season, Jesus offers rest for our soul.

Silent Nights: A devotion for a lonely Christmas

Perhaps your children are far away this Christmas, or you find yourself distant from family who were once close. This devotion reassures us that Jesus knows our suffering and promises that he never leaves us alone.

Separation and Healing: A devotion for loss at Christmas

At Christmastime, we may feel the weight of lost loved ones more acutely. This devotion comforts us with God’s victory over death and his promise of eternal healing.

A Season of Travel: A devotion for a traveling Christmas

Most of us dread traveling during the holiday season. Let Joseph and Mary’s Christmas journey encourage you, and marvel at how Jesus traveled from heaven just to be with us.

A Gift Too Wonderful for Words: A devotion for a Merry Christmas

Is your Christmas this year full of joy and good cheer? As we celebrate the holidays, this devotion helps us focus our celebration on the wonderful gift of our Savior.

Moms, whether you’re celebrating the season at home or afar, treasuring the loved ones around you or mourning the ones lost, we pray that this Christmas season would bring you closer in your relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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About the author — Jordan An

Jordan works for ReFrame Ministries supporting our programs through digital marketing campaigns. She is passionate about using media to reach the world for Jesus.

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