Christmas Devotions for Teachers

By Jordan An

December 6, 2022

Final projects and last-minute lessons, class Christmas parties and anxious excitement for the coming break: it’s all too easy for students to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday.

As teachers, though, the Christmas season serves as a great opportunity to nurture our students' spiritual walk and encourage them in their faith.

Listed below are five short Christmas devotions from Today to help you refocus your classroom on the meaning of Christmas. Each devotion contains a short Bible verse, a reflection, and a prayer. Included below are some creative ideas for fostering discussion and engagement around the devotional topics.

Once in Royal David’s City

Read the lyrics of “Once in Royal David’s City” to the class. Ask: “Did you know that Jesus was once a child your age? Did you know that he liked to play and run, and that he grew older and taller every year, like you? Jesus came to earth as a baby on Christmas Day and grew up just like you did. And even when he was all grown up, he loved to be with children like you.” Now, read the Bible verse, devotional, and prayer aloud.

Christmas Lists

Start by asking the class what’s on their Christmas lists this year. Then ask if their families have any special Christmas traditions or events they attend every year. Have them consider: Would they rather have all the gifts on their list and spend Christmas alone, or have no gifts and spend Christmas with their loved ones? Have a discussion about how there is more to life and the Christmas season than material goods. Then read the Bible verse, reflection, and prayer aloud. After the devotion, challenge the class: rather than asking each other what you got for Christmas this year, ask about time spent with loved ones celebrating the Savior.

Is Jesus Coming to Your House?

The holidays often involve visiting the homes of friends and family, or inviting them to be our guests. Ask: “Are you excited when someone is coming to visit? When someone knocks on your door or rings your doorbell, do you let them in? There is someone who will be visiting every single one of your houses this Christmas season. Do you know who it is?” Now, read the Bible verse, reflection, and prayer out loud. Ask the kids: “Will you invite Jesus into your house this Christmas?”

Hope Fulfilled

Ask your students how the parents get the news. Is it from the newspaper, the internet, or maybe on TV? When we hear exciting news, we can’t wait to run and tell our closest friends. When Jesus was born, a choir of angels announced his birth! Pretty special, right? But we might be surprised at the group of people to whom the angels announced the news. Read the Bible verse, devotional, and prayer aloud.

Christmas Lifestyle, a devotion for after Christmas

Ask the class for a show of hands: “Who wishes every day could be Christmas?” Well, maybe every day can be! What makes Christmas so special? Giving to others, spending time with the ones we love, and reflecting on God’s love for us. These are things we can do everyday—not just on Christmas. It’s called living a Christmas lifestyle. Now, read the Bible verse, devotional, and prayer aloud.

May your classrooms be blessed with the peace and joy of Christ as you reflect on the word of God this holiday season!

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About the author — Jordan An

Jordan works for ReFrame Ministries supporting our programs through digital marketing campaigns. She is passionate about using media to reach the world for Jesus.

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