Christmas Devotions for Kids

By Ron VandenBurg

November 27, 2022

My kids loved Christmas as they were growing up. They loved opening gifts. They were excited to visit our large extended family and have a meal together. I loved when one of them would snuggle up to their grandfather while he played a favorite Christmas carol on his piano.

Today as a grandfather, I am so happy when my children want my little grandson to enjoy a Christmas church service, sing the carols, or listen to the Christmas story from Luke 2.

That last one is the most important, isn’t it? How do we lead our children and learn about the Christmas story together? Start by taking time to surround yourselves with the Christmas story. See the awe in a child’s face as they picture the crowd of angels appearing to the shepherds, praising God. Listen to these little theologians as they describe how the wise men came to worship young Jesus. Explore your children’s questions and get caught up in the wonder of it all.

Maybe this year, you’re looking for a new way to tell the story, or you’d like some help getting started and want to find some good words to read. Check out these four Christmas devotions that you can share with your children and grandchildren as you celebrate and wonder about God’s precious gift of salvation through his Son, Jesus.

1. Salvation is a Free Christmas Gift

At Christmas, God sent Jesus to pay for all the wrong things that we have done.

Kids corner christmas devotional salvation

2. Christmas: Guess How Much God Loves You

At Christmas, how should we respond to God's love?

3. Christmas: Jesus has Changed Everything

Jesus brought us hope, peace, joy, and God’s unending love.

4. Christmas: An Important Task

Have you ever been chosen for something really special?

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About the author — Ron VandenBurg

About the Author: Ron VandenBurg is Senior Producer of Children’s Ministry at Reframe Ministries. He loves creating content for and working with lots of creative people. He and his wife Rachel have three amazing adult children, a wonderful son-in-law, and a happy grandson who loves being outside exploring.

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