Prophet, Priest, and King

By Steven Koster

February 28, 2019

Our March theme for the Today devotions, written by Pete Byma, is “Prophet, Priest, and King.”

Prophet. Priest. King. What pictures do those three words bring to mind? A prophet might evoke images of a bearded man in a long, flowing robe, preaching to a large group of people, telling them to repent and change their lives. A priest may bring to mind someone dressed in a magnificent robe, scattering incense in front of a beautiful cathedral. And a king or queen—we think of royalty standing with pomp and formality as figureheads in their nation.

But what does the Bible mean when it speaks of prophet, priest, and king? An ancient catechism which many churches confess—The Heidelberg Catechism—states that Jesus was anointed “to be our chief prophet and teacher…our only high priest…and our eternal king.” And the Bible states that we as Christians are also called to be prophets, priests, and kings. But I’m not sure we often think of ourselves in that way. Can I be a prophet? Can we all be royalty?

Pete Byma, our author for the month of March, echoes it this way: “Jesus, ordained by God the Father and anointed by the Holy Spirit, calls us to follow him in this life-changing identity through faith. We share in Christ’s anointing as prophets, priests, and kings and queens, serving God in this world.”

This may all sound rather confusing and complicated. It’s fine that Jesus displayed those characteristics, but how can we be prophets today? How can we be priests? How can we be kings or queens? What characteristics do prophets, priests, and kings have that we need to develop in our lives? Lots of questions, and maybe few answers.

Are we prophets, priests, and royalty as we serve Christ today? How can we learn to live out those roles in our lives? Let’s find out, as we explore the topic, “Prophets, Priests, and Kings.”

Pete Byma pastors a church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is also a consultant/coach for churches experiencing conflict, and he enjoys equipping and establishing people in ministry. He and his wife Cheri have four grown children and six grandchildren. Pete is also a registered soccer official and enjoys bicycling.

As you read the Today devotionals this month, may you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God’s Word!

About the author — Steven Koster

Rev. Dr. Steven Koster joined Back to God Ministries International in 2006 and soon launched ReFrame Media with a fresh vision for media and technology to build disciples and communities in Christ. During his time as Director of ReFrame, he also served as the Executive Editor of Today. Steven stepped down from these roles in 2019 as he felt led to focus on new challenges, including doctoral research and their family’s bed and breakfast in Grand Rapids. He and his wife Deb have three adult children and enjoy leading pre-marital counseling and marriage enrichment seminars. Steven continues to collaborate with Deb to produce our marriage and family ministry, Family Fire.

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