August 16, 2017

A Long-awaited Song

Luke 1:5-20, 57-79

Zechariah was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied: “Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel. . . .”

—  Luke 1:67-68

Zechariah had waited nine long months to sing this song. When God had first promised a son to this aging couple, Zechariah couldn’t believe it. But as he saw the evidence growing in Elizabeth’s womb, he knew it was indeed true. God was faithful to his word!

But Zechariah couldn’t tell anyone, not even on the day his son was born. Then eight days later, when the baby was circumcised and Zechariah made clear that the child’s name was John, as the angel had said, Zechariah was able to speak again—and he praised the Lord with this beautiful song.

The first part of this song tells us of the great mission that God would accomplish through his Son, Jesus, the Savior. Jesus came into the world to redeem sinners so that they might serve the Lord faithfully.

Then, in the second part of his song, Zechariah described the mission that his son was born for. John would be the prophet who would prepare the way for Jesus, the Savior, who would bring light to this dark world.

We too have a mission in this world. Today we are called to bring the light of Jesus to others. We must be agents of peace in a world torn apart by sin. And by the Spirit of God living in us, we can carry out this work in Jesus’ name! 

Lord Jesus, pour out your Holy Spirit on us. Make us strong in you so that we will carry on the great mission to which you have called us. Help us to tell others of you, the Savior of the world. In your name we pray. Amen.

About the author — John Van Schepen

Dr. John Van Schepen is a retired pastor who served churches in Washington, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oregon and California. He and his wife, Willie, have been blessed with five children and several grandchildren.

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