A Mountaintop View

Scripture Reading — Psalm 121

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? — Psalm 121:1

Every continent on earth has mountains. Some are cold, rugged, and difficult to climb. Others are favorite vacation spots. Still others are sources of water, timber, and other natural resources. Those of us who live within view of a mountain range are reminded daily of God’s greatness and our smallness.

Psalm 121 asks us to consider that same contrast.

Setting out for their trip to Jerusalem for a festival, pilgrims often sang this song to remind each other of the dangers of the journey ahead and of the assurances of God’s protection. God is greater than any so-called god of the hills or mountains—the Lord God is earth’s Creator. God is more powerful than any force of the sun or moon—the Lord created them too. The false gods of other ­nations might have had to take vacations, but not the Lord God Almighty, who never slumbers or sleeps.

Whenever we set off on a journey—whether it is a trip of hundreds of miles or only a few steps—we can remind ourselves, as those pilgrims did, that we travel with God. We need not fear the dangers of the road or threats from others; every step of our way is seen by God, who watches over us.

Our God, the Creator of earth’s highest mountains and deepest valleys—and everything in between—is also the protector of our small lives.


Lord, protect us from all harm; keep watch over our lives, we pray. Watch over our coming and going today and always, in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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