December 05, 2023

A Text at Midnight

Luke 11:5-13

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

—  Luke 11:9

I received a text message late one night from the pastor of a large African American congregation in Chicago: “Sorry to bother you so late, but something hit my spirit. Do you have a family in your congregation that could use an anonymous financial blessing? They can use it however they want, but we want to bless them unexpectedly, with financial resources that have no strings.”

Tracey has lived in the Roseland community nearly all of her life. She is raising three children while working an assortment of jobs. She also volunteers at the Roseland Christian Ministries food pantry, dropping off groceries to families who are physically unable to leave their homes. Tracey was also saving money to purchase a house, and it would take a few more years before she would have enough to be able to purchase a home. The pastor and congregation anonymously gifted Tracey $15,000. When she heard about the gift, she silently mouthed, “Thank you, Lord.”

I’m so glad this pastor texted me at the midnight hour with the news of this gift. And I’m glad Tracey was willing to receive it. She had been asking God to make a way where it seemed no way was possible.

Two months later Tracey was able to purchase and rehabilitate a boarded-up home. Her family has a home now. She knocked—and a door opened.

Teach us, Lord, to knock on your door, ask, and learn how to receive. Teach us to seek after you. Amen.

About the author — Joe Huizenga

Joe Huizenga serves as pastor and executive director of Roseland Christian Ministries in Chicago, Illinois. He and his wife, Cate, have four children.

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