Scripture Reading — Mark 1:9-15

The Spirit sent Jesus out into the wilderness. . . . — Mark 1:12

I’m kind of an introvert by nature, so my friends know that I like to spend time alone. Don’t get me wrong—I like spending time with people too. But there is something about being alone that energizes me. My drive to church is about 25 minutes, and that’s an important part of my day. Along the way I can spend time alone preparing for my workday ahead, and on the way home I can spend time preparing to be a dad and husband.

Jesus often spent time alone. At the very start of his ministry, he spent 40 days alone in the wilderness, being tempted by Satan. What did he do in all that time? He no doubt spent a lot of it praying, fasting, and being energized for his mission by his Father in heaven. This was a vitally important time for Jesus’ preparation to do the work he had come to do.

Likewise, we need time alone with God. When we are alone with God, spending time talking to him and listening for direction through his Word, we are being prepared for our mission here on earth. Our faith is formed as we seek God’s guidance and wisdom. But in the busyness of life often the first thing we skip is time with God. Schedules get in the way, and time passes. We’d like to spend more time with God, but we can’t seem to fit it in.

Here is your challenge for today: find some time to be alone with God as he prepares you for his mission in your life.


Father, help us to find time alone with you today. Prepare us for the mission you have for us, and form our faith in amazing ways. In Jesus, Amen.


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