May 31, 2020

Community Is . . . for You

Matthew 7:7-12

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

—  Matthew 7:7

The message of the gospel is for each and every one of us. Jesus points out in the gospel of Matthew that even a good earthly father gives his children what they need. How much more, then, will our heavenly Father show his love for us when we ask, seek, and knock? God the Father’s perfect love is available to us all the time!

As Christ’s representatives here on this earth, we are called to share God’s love with everyone we meet. We are called to invite others into community with us and with God, our heavenly Father who loves us more than we can possibly imagine.

If you are part of a Christian community, you are called to invite others in and to share the love that you are a part of with others. Christian community is never full and is never closed. It is always open and expanding to share God’s love with others. Though our love may have limits, God’s love never is never limited!

If you haven’t found a Christian community to be a part of, please search for one. Seek one that is loving and caring and has the characteristics we have described here this month. Ask God to have someone show up in your life to offer all of these things to you in Jesus’ name. Knock on the door of someone you know who is a Christian, and ask them to love you too.

Father, move us to seek community in all of its positive forms, and gather around each one of us a community to belong to. For Jesus’ sake, Amen.

About the author — Bret Lamsma

Bret Lamsma is Director of Faith Formation at First Church in Denver, Colorado, and has served churches in Michigan and California in youth, emerging adult, inter-generational, and educational ministries. Bret and his wife, Julie, have two children, and he enjoys hiking, disc golfing, and cheering for the Chicago Cubs.

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