May 23, 2020

Community Is . . . Having a Common Goal

John 21:1-6

They were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

—  John 21:6

A few years ago Ed’s church community became aware of a home for disabled children in Nairobi, Kenya, that needed help. There were so many kids who needed a place to belong that the home needed to expand. The church community set out to collect enough to meet the home’s modest goal. People who had been to this home in Kenya shared stories and pictures, and together this community prayed for the ability to raise funds. When the offering was collected, the outcome was more than anyone had imagined. A new building was built in Kenya for this ministry, and more kids have been blessed than this church community even thought possible.

All of this took place because of God’s blessing. Like the disciples of Jesus, Ed’s community was fishing in one spot, hoping for one thing, and yet the Lord had even greater plans. The whole community moved together toward this goal, and it took all of them to pull this off. Even more so, it took God’s blessing to make it happen.

A community with a goal that is blessed by God can do amazing things. Together they can reach neighborhoods, serve unserved groups, and bless countless people. What it takes is a vision of something greater—possibly even something that they could never imagine on their own. Of course, it also takes the God who is bigger than we could ever imagine.

Father, guide us and work with us as we work together with you to change the world in Christ’s name. Amen.

About the author — Bret Lamsma

Bret Lamsma is director of faith formation at a church in Denver, Colorado, and has served churches in Michigan and California in youth, inter-generational, and educational ministries. Bret and his wife, Julie, have two children, and he enjoys hiking, camping, and visiting national parks with his family.

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