Continuous Praise

Scripture Reading — Psalm 119:161-168

Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws. — Psalm 119:164

Does the psalmist really stop and praise God for his righteous laws seven times a day? In the Bible, the number seven suggests completion and perfection. Actually, the psalmist reveals that praise is always on his lips. So whether he prays seven times a day or continually, the psalmist offers a powerful example for us. Praise for God should always be on the tip of our tongue.

The psalmist has faced numerous difficulties, as we have noted throughout this month. Yet in each case, even as he languishes under the torment of bullies, praise remains on his lips. No, this isn’t the power of positive thinking. It shows that believers who turn to God—even in the most desperate situations—find peace. God promises that he will never forsake his people.

While the psalmist waits on God, he immerses himself deeply in God’s Word. In the process, his love for God’s Word and for God himself deepens and grows. And as God’s Word blossoms in his heart, praise flows from his lips at least seven times a day.

Whatever our circumstances, we too should be growing in our knowledge of and obedience to God’s Word. As we do, our love for God will grow, and praise will be on our lips always!


Accept, Lord, the praises of our mouths, and teach us how to live for you. Amen.


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Kurt Selles

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