February 14, 2014

Days Like a Shadow

1 Chronicles 29:10-19

“We are foreigners and strangers in your sight, as were all our ancestors. Our days on earth are like a shadow, without hope.”
—1 Chronicles 29:15


Since I am a father of young children, many men remind me to spend time with my kids while I still can. Most of those who give this advice are older fathers who regret not having done more with their children. But then many parents also say they can’t believe how fast their children have grown. It seems that one day they are babies, and the next day they are teenagers.

This is one example of something we all face as we grow older: Time flies. When you are young, life seems to stretch out a long way ahead of you, but with every passing day you realize just how short life is.

David realized this before he handed the kingdom over to his son Solomon. Through a long and intense life, David realized the end would come all too soon. If we think that the meaning of life is in the length of its days, we come up empty-handed: we hold on to shadows; we have no real hope.

Yet David’s final note was one of praise. Though life was short, he knew what was important as he led his people in worship.

May our time on this earth also be filled from beginning to end with praise for the Creator who gives it meaning.

Father God, the days of our lives are brief. Please send your Spirit to guide us so that we do not stumble or fall. Forgive us when we seek our own kingdoms instead of yours. May we instead honor your glorious name. Amen.

About the author — Jason Zuidema

Jason Zuidema lives in Repentigny, Quebec, with his wife, Anna, and their three children. He is a graduate of Calvin Theological Seminary and currently serves as executive director of the North American Maritime Ministry Association. He is the author of a special Seafarers edition of Today devotions published by ReFrame Media in 2012.

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