July 31, 2023

Eyes on the Prize

Hebrews 11:8-16

He was looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

—  Hebrews 11:10

From the time he received God’s call, Abraham became a sojourner. He lived in tents and frequently moved around. While Abraham appreciated the blessings of God, he came to realize that everything on this earth is temporary. Everything has an expiration date. Over the years Abraham grew in perspective. He began to desire an even greater reward that comes by faith—an eternal home “whose architect and builder is God.”

Abraham didn’t live long enough to see all of God’s promises fulfilled. Neither do any of us. Yet throughout his life, Abraham kept moving forward, following after God. By faith, he knew that the best was yet to come. He looked forward to enjoying life with God in a city that God would build—a reference to the New Jerusalem (see Revelation 21-22). Abraham came to believe that the promised land was more than a plot of dirt in the land of Canaan. It was not only a place where Abraham and his descendants could live but also a place where God’s Spirit dwells in all his glory. Abraham believed in having life with God in heaven, and that made all the difference while he was here on earth.

We too live as sojourners on this earth. We experience partial fulfillments of God’s promises. And, like Abraham, we keep our eyes on the glorious prize that awaits us someday—when Jesus will return and make all things new.

Lord Jesus, we can get so distracted in this world. Help us to look forward to life with you in your kingdom when it fully comes. Amen.

About the author — Dan Jongsma

Daniel Jongsma serves as an interim pastor in Fulton, Illinois. He has pastored congregations in Elmhurst and Fulton, Illinois; in Dearborn, Michigan; and in Nashville, Tennessee. Dan also served as a church planter in the Chicago area. He and his wife, Gloria, have three daughters and four grandchildren.

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