February 23, 2016

God’s People at Work: Musicians

Psalm 150

Praise him with the strings and pipe, praise him with the clash of cymbals.

—  Psalm 150:4-5

God loves music. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people are often found singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments. 

Psalm 150 is a glorious conclusion to a poetic book of the Bible that walks us through ­trials and triumph, grief and joy, betrayal and vindication. The words of Psalm 150 invite us to celebrate that journey by making music with every instrument we can find.

As we look at the ways God puts his people to work, it’s worth observing the many musicians at work throughout Scripture. Some of them were professional musicians, hired to lead worship at the temple. Many others played instruments to bring joy into the lives of the people listening. Music was used to celebrate religious festivals and to announce important news. Music brought joy at wedding feasts and helped people mourn at funerals. David even used music to sooth angry King Saul!

Throughout Scripture we see many musicians at work, serving God and their neighbors. Today is no different; guitars, organs, and drums help us adore our Savior. Jazz music sets a soothing atmosphere. Folk music tells a story. Love songs bring out deep sentiments. Music taps into the depths of our souls and helps us express the wide range of our emotions. Thank God for musicians!

God of beauty and creativity, we delight in the gift of music, and we thank you for musicians who have helped your people sing to you. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

About the author — Rob Toornstra

Rob Toornstra has served as pastor of Sunnyslope Christian Reformed Church in Salem, Oregon, since 2006. When not busy with pastoral duties, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy, and their three children.

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