October 04, 2022


Luke 12:13-34

“Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”

—  Luke 12:15

I didn’t think I was greedy until I read this passage again. Jesus warns us to watch out for all kinds of greed. The kind of greed I usually thought about had to do with very wealthy people wanting more. But Jesus doesn’t focus on that kind of greed here.

In the context of this passage, a man is arguing with his brother over their inheritance. The family has enough to hand down, but Jesus sees that this man is still worried if he will truly have enough. He is greedy not for luxury but for security. Ouch! I didn’t even know that kind of greed ­existed. But many of us have it. We want a little bit more so that we don’t have to worry.

Jesus points us away from greed based on worry. So long as we aim to live God’s way, aligning ourselves with God’s purpose for us in this world (seeking his kingdom), and so long as it is not yet time for our heavenly inheritance, God will give us what we need to live for him each day. Wanting more than that is a type of greed. And that will distract us from fully living the life of joy and peace we are created for. So let’s repent and learn to let go of our worry-based greed.

Creator and Provider, we exist because you want us to. Forgive us for trying to build our own security. Our worries cost this world too much. Amen.

About the author — Scott DeVries

Scott DeVries has served as a church pastor and as a ministry ­coordinator in the Holland, Michigan, area. He currently works at ­facilitating connections between the more than twenty ministries and 1,100 churches of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. He has a passion for prayer, church organization, and studying the Scriptures in their original languages.

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