Incentives: Life That Can't Die

Scripture Reading — Hebrews 11:1-6

God … rewards those who earnestly seek him.
Hebrews 11:6 — 

It can be hard work to seek God. It calls for a level of commitment that is earnest. Earnest seeking involves an all out, single–minded, focused quest after God. Such a quest is not for the easily distracted or the half hearted. It’s a pursuit of the highest order. What incentive is there for that?

Consider Enoch. No religious fanatic, he “walked faithfully with God 300 years” (Genesis 5:22). The Bible describes his life simply. Enoch woke up each day, looking to God. He worked all day, depending on God. He ate his food, thanking God. He faced trouble, leaning on God. He lay down to sleep, resting in God. And, as an old saying suggests, one day God said to him, “Enoch, we’ve come so far today, don’t bother going home tonight; come stay with me forever.” And so the God he savored all day, every day, “took him away,” sparing Enoch from tasting death. This rare event prompted the writer of Hebrews, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to say to us, in effect, “Seek God with all your heart, and you won’t be disappointed.”

In that spirit the writer of Hebrews goes on to tell us incredible stories of God–seekers who, with God’s help, survived a great flood, became parents in their old age, founded a nation, freed slaves, and brought walls tumbling down. What might God have in mind for you?


Lord, help me to seek you earnestly. Help me to find full life forever with you. Whatever you have in mind for me, Lord, please give me the strength to do it, for Jesus' sake. Amen


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