Is There Any Other Rock?

Scripture Reading — Isaiah 44:1-8

Is there any God besides me? No, there is no other Rock; I know not one. — Isaiah 44:8

I live in a large city with many people from all over the world. Just a short walk from our church there is a Russian Orthodox church, a mosque, a small Jewish synagogue, and a large Buddhist temple. These are all different places with different ways of worship. Different expressions like these make up the world’s religions.

But in Isaiah God makes a very strong point, contrasting himself to the idols of Israel’s neighbors. The sophisticated practices of idol worshipers are exposed as foolish. This is a harsh mockery of idolatry that leaves no room for two-timing. God demands pure allegiance—not because he’s being arbitrary, but because he’s the only Rock, the only dependable God. All others are imitations, or are merely shadows of God the Rock.

God is speaking here to Israel, but there are hints that “others” will join in and call themselves “the Lord’s” as well, because they have also been created for worship. God reveals how he will pour out his Spirit of blessing on all peoples. As bewildering as it can be to live alongside neighbors who worship other gods, we ultimately put our trust in God as he has revealed himself to us. We believe that his purposes are greater and more expansive than we can imagine.


Lord, you are our Rock eternal. There is no one besides you. We call on the name of Jesus to lead and guide us forever, and to invite people of all nations and backgrounds to worship you. In his name we pray. Amen.


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