Job Descriptions

Scripture Reading — Luke 4:14-22

“Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” — Luke 4:21

Have you ever had a review of how well you have been doing in your job? Often we are assured that we are doing our job quite well, but we may also be encouraged to improve in certain areas. Most of us are relieved when the evaluation is done and we can go back to doing what we do—and trying to improve in those certain areas.

Jesus had traveled back to Galilee, and as word spread about the things he had been doing, people wanted to see if the stories they had heard were actually true. The people in his hometown knew him as Joseph’s son, so they were ­really curious—and rather doubtful—about him.

Jesus goes to the synagogue, pulls out his job description from Isaiah, and begins to read. He outlines why he is going from place to place and sharing the good news—God’s story of grace, forgiveness, healing, and love. The description in Isaiah shows why he heals lepers, declares the good news of God’s love, and invites others to follow him. It explains why people who were blind can now see, and why others can walk even though they were paralyzed. Jesus is accomplishing his mission.

When Jesus invites us to join him on the road, he calls us to do as he is doing. Are you serving him with the gifts he has given you? Are you ready for your job evaluation?


Dear Jesus, thank you for making your directions for our lives clear. Help us to serve you faithfully in all that we do. Amen.


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