Just Do It

Scripture Reading — Mark 6:6b-13

“He began to send them out. . . .” — Mark 6:7

The disciples are still very new to their calling to follow Jesus. They have watched and ­listened, but they have mainly been silent, and none of them has yet confessed to believe in Jesus as the promised Messiah. Instead, they have been described as afraid and as having no faith (Mark 4:40).

It would seem that their faith still has a long way to go. Nevertheless, they are given authority to preach, drive out demons, and heal people who are sick. And they did!

Can you be reassured by this? It is not a perfect faith that qualifies you to testify for Jesus. It is not the strength of your power to believe that makes you a credible witness to the truth. It is not your education, training, or experience that equips you for serving him. You can do all that because of who Jesus is, not who you are.

Too many of Jesus’ followers wait to serve as disciples in the mission of Jesus until they think their faith is well developed and strong. The disciples’ faith was actually quite undeveloped, and yet they served not on the strength of their faith but on the sending of Jesus.


Lord Jesus, when I consider my qualifications, training, and strength of faith, I can only imagine that you don’t have much to work with. But thank you for using me for your purposes anyway! Amen.