Love Lasts

Scripture Reading — 1 Corinthians 13:8-10

Love never fails.
—1 Corinthians 13:8 — 

The word for “fails” (piptei) in our verse for today was used to describe a flower that was fading, or a tree that had fallen in the forest, or a joint that had come loose or had broken. So when Paul used this word here, he was saying, “Love never fades, it never falls, and it never gets pushed out of place.” Love endures.

An outstanding scholar said, “What discourages me most about all that we do is that I know a hundred years from now most of our study is going to be obsolete.” He is correct. And it’s not just true for academics; it’s also true for car mechanics and computer gurus.

Who would want to research medical solutions from a 1930s encyclopedia, use an air conditioner built in the 1940s, or pack a cell phone from the 1990s? Even a history textbook from twenty years ago is outdated. National boundaries get redrawn. Interpretations change like clothing styles and then disappear.

Don’t misunderstand. Paul is not saying spiritual gifts and knowledge are worthless. But Paul is saying that such things are not to be emphasized first in our lives. While these gifts are good things, they will pass away.

And since we are made for eternity, we should major in love.


Lord Jesus, help us to focus, as you have taught us, on love. As you have loved us, so let us love one another, so that everyone will know we are your disciples. Amen.


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