July 25, 2015

Paul to Timothy: Follow Your Gifting

1 Timothy 4:11-16

Do not neglect your gift, which was given you through prophecy when the...elders laid their hands on you.

—  1 Timothy 4:14

As Paul mentors young Pastor Timothy, he shares advice about the orderly running of a congregation. Timothy receives helpful instruction about worship behavior and establishing leadership within the church. Paul offers some personal advice as well: Do not neglect the gift you received from the Holy Spirit.

Paul knew Timothy was gifted, and he urged Timothy to cultivate his gift. We are not told specifically what it was. It could have been preaching, prophecy, healing, or any number of things. Timothy received this gift when the elders laid their hands on him and commissioned him for ministry.

We have all been equipped by God with gifts for service in ministry. Every one of us is on a mission field and prepared by God to face that calling. Some­times our gifts fall into disuse because we are busy or distracted. Maybe some gifts are set aside for a season in favor of others. Timothy was very busy establishing his congregation, so Paul reminded Timothy that the gift God had given him was not to be neglected.

Paul’s advice still rings true: “Do not neglect your gift.” Whatever gifting God has equipped you with is for a purpose. Step into new ways you can use your gifts to serve God’s kingdom. What gifts has God given you that can be used to bless others?

Lord, thank you for the way you have gifted each one of us. Forgive us for the ways we may have ­neglected your blessings, and help us to further your kingdom. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

About the author — Steven and Deb Koster

Steven and Deb Koster have a passion for marriages, families, and spiritual growth in the home. Both are ordained ministers in the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Steven formerly served as editor of Today and director of ReFrame's English-language outreach. Deb leads Family Fire, ReFrame’s family ministry at FamilyFire.com and on Facebook. The Kosters have three children.

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