June 08, 2020

Superior to the Angels

Hebrews 1:4-14

So he became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.

—  Hebrews 1:4

Around 20 years ago lots of people were fascinated with angels. TV shows and movies captured viewers’ attention with made-up stories about ­angels and other spiritual beings. There is something about angels that intrigues us—probably because we don’t know much about them.

We are not exactly sure why the book of Hebrews has a heavy emphasis on angels. There may have been some popular speculation about them back in the time when it was written. Maybe people were trying to reduce Jesus to the same level as angels.

But one thing that Hebrews makes clear is that Jesus is far superior to the angels. Angels are messengers of God. Prophets also were messengers of God. But Jesus is far greater because he is God.

Our text says it rather simply. After reminding readers of all that Jesus is and has done, Hebrews says, “So he became as much superior to the angels as the name he has inherited is superior to theirs.” Then the rest of the chapter quotes from text after text in the Old Testament to show how much superior Jesus is.

The focus of Hebrews is on Jesus. Not even the angels can compare to him. And now that his superiority is established, we will begin to unpack who Jesus is and how that helps us in our daily lives.

Lord Jesus, you are Lord over all. Help us to keep that focus as we live for you each day. Amen.

About the author — Brian Kuyper

Brian Kuyper is the lead pastor at a church in Taber, Alberta. He has served in two congregations in southern Alberta over the past 12 years. He is married to Brenda, and they have three school-age children.

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