October 04, 2016

Taking God’s Care for Granted

Jeremiah 5:20-24

Let us fear the Lord our God, who gives autumn and spring rains in season, who assures us of the regular weeks of harvest.

—  Jeremiah 5:24

Little children are full of questions: “Why does the corn grow? How does a seed sprout?” They are filled with wonder at the miracle of creation and of all living things.

But adults often forget the wonders of creation. We take for granted that seeds sprout and plants grow. Agricultural advances shelter many of us from the worst effects of drought, disease, and insects that kill crops. Many city dwellers rarely give a thought to the wonders of harvesting. It’s as if food simply ­appears on grocery store shelves.

Scripture pleads with God’s people to remember the source of every blessing, to see his hand of provision in rainfall, in the harvest season, and in the working of creation in general. We are far more dependent on God’s grace than we often think. And our failure to acknowledge him is not just ignorance. It is sin.

Sin deprives us of good because it keeps us from seeing God in all his goodness to us. Human relationships suffer when we take them for granted. And when we look at the world without seeing God, we miss out on God’s goodness.

Jesus came into this world to help us see again the goodness of the Father. Won’t you pray that he helps us to recover our wonder at God’s care for us?

Gracious God, we repent of taking your care for granted. Help us not to look at the growing world without seeing you at work. Open our eyes, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

About the author — Joel Vande Werken

Joel Vande Werken has been a pastor since 2007, serving churches in Sussex, New Jersey, and in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Brandie, have five young children.

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