The Good and the Bad

Scripture Reading — Matthew 22:1-14

“The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son.” — Matthew 22:2

The food was prepared for the feast. Everything was ready. And everyone who was invited was told it was time to come. But they chose not to.

What if we were invited to the banquet of a great leader or king? Would we decide we were too busy to go? Would we decide not to go because we didn’t like that leader’s policies?

The king in the parable then invited everyone else in the kingdom—the nobodies, the good and the bad, homeless people, illegal immigrants, the working poor, criminals, traveling tourists—everyone his messengers could find on the streets. All were invited—and the wedding hall was filled!

This parable about a wedding feast for the son of a king is about Jesus. The Lord Jesus is speaking about his heavenly Father inviting everyone to a banquet of great blessings to celebrate the joining of his Son, Jesus, as a bridegroom, with his church, the people of God, for everlasting, abundant life together.

The question to ponder is this: Are you going to accept the invitation?

You are invited! Everyone has been invited! All we need in order to have full, abundant life is to accept the King’s ­invitation.


Heavenly King, I pray that my priorities will be kingdom priorities. I do not want to miss your invitation! I want to be at the banquet for your Son, Jesus. Thank you for inviting me into your kingdom. For Jesus’ sake, Amen.


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