September 25, 2019

The One Who Sat There

Revelation 4:2-6a

The one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and ruby.

—  Revelation 4:3

In John’s vision of heaven we soon see that the focal point is the one who sits on the throne. Here Revelation brings us into the awesome presence of the Lord God Almighty.

This is not the first time the Bible tells of someone standing before the Lord Almighty (see Isaiah 6:1-8; Ezekiel 1; Daniel 10). But since the time of Jesus’ ascension to heaven (Acts 1:9-11), this is the first sustained and detailed description of “the one who sat on the throne.” Even so, we are not given a full description of the Lord.

This revelation is not for satisfying our curiosity. The Lord God opens heaven’s door and has us stand in his presence so that faith in him may spring to life, grow in conviction, and be sustained in hope.

In our world of mixed emotions and situations—joy and sorrow, doubt and conviction, success and failure, health and sickness—God wants us to see that our world is centered in him.

The gospel of Mark tells us that Jesus’ ministry began with the words “The kingdom of God has come near” (Mark 1:15). And here in Revelation we see that Jesus’ mission continues as he is seated on the throne.

Hallelujah! Our God reigns!

Lord, what a powerful and gracious gift you give us! We stand in awe and amazement that you reign over all things. Help us to have deeper faith, trust, and hope in you. In your name, our Lord and Savior, we pray. Amen.

About the author — Jim Poelman

Pastor Jim Poelman and his wife, Linda, served five churches in Ontario and British Columbia for thirty-nine years. They enjoy family gatherings with their extended household of children and grandchildren—29 members in all—often creating lots of happy noise.

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