The Price of Freedom

Scripture Reading — Mark 5:6-17

The people began to plead with Jesus to leave their region. — Mark 5:17

After Jesus freed a man from demon possession, the people of the town saw two things: a man clothed and in his right mind, and a herd of two thousand pigs drowned in the sea. Fear captured their hearts. They responded by pleading with Jesus to go away. It is a sad commentary when a society is more concerned about economic interests than seeing their brothers and sisters in their right minds.

Are we any different? Are we passionate about sharing with others the good news of God’s love for us all? Is making disciples a priority for us and our church community? Or are we too afraid of the economic and social cost? Discipleship has a cost that some are not willing to pay.

Fear caused the people of the town to ask Jesus to leave. They may well have been thinking, “If it cost two thousand pigs to restore one madman, what will it cost to have Jesus do more in our town?”

One rescued life is priceless. It is exhilarating. God’s kingdom has advanced where hell had a foothold. The light has pierced the darkness.

What has it cost Jesus to save us? What are we willing to do so that people can be saved? Where can we make change happen?


Lord Jesus, thank you for the great love you showed for the afflicted man who needed your help. Thank you for dying in our place to pay for our sin. Help us to be willing to pay the price of following you into the life of freedom. In your name, Amen.