March 31, 2019

Toward the Cross

Luke 17:20-37

“Whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.”

—  Luke 17:33

As this season of Lent continues, we come closer and closer to the dangerous cross. We realize that Jesus Christ paid an enormous price for our salvation. And he did so willingly as he “resolutely set out for Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51). As the Anointed One (Messiah), Jesus was obedient to God the Father.

As our chief Prophet, Jesus revealed to us the will of God concerning our salvation. As our only High Priest, the one sacrifice of his body paid the penalty for our sins. And today as our eternal King, he governs us through his Word and Spirit, always defending and preserving us for work in his kingdom.

God calls us to join in this holy work as prophets, priests, and rulers serving the King. We too are anointed and share in this grand work of redeeming love. As we worship, pray, share his good news, and bring blessing to others, we grow nearer to God and help to bring others into his presence.

The words of Jesus in today’s verse remind us that if we shy away from the things of God’s kingdom, we will miss out on the full life God intends for us. If we accept and embrace our Spirit-led and true identity, we will experience everlasting life in Jesus Christ. As we proceed toward becoming more like Christ, we may lose our life as we now know it, but we will gain so much more—eternity with him.

Thank you, Lord, for new life in Christ. May I live to the glory and majesty of the true Prophet, Priest, and King, in whose name I pray. Amen.

About the author — Pete Byma

Pete Byma has served as a pastor of congregations in Michigan and in Washington state. Serving now as a pastor in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he is also a consultant/coach for churches experiencing conflict, and he enjoys equipping and establishing people in ministry. He is married to Cheri, and they have four grown children and six grandchildren. Pete is also a registered soccer official and enjoys bicycling.

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