Victory From the Accuser

Scripture Reading — Revelation 12:1-12

They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony . . . . — Revelation 12:11

Satan is the great accuser of Christians, and he accuses us day and night. He whispers at us, saying, “You are no good. You’re a filthy rotten sinner. God will never love you, and you’ll never measure up. You’re doomed!” Satan also tempts us and encourages us to sin, luring us with the ideas that sin is fun and fulfilling and that everyone does it anyway. Then, when we fall, he accuses us all over again.

God speaks to us about our sin also—not to condemn us but to convict us. God’s Word is not intended to smother us like a wet blanket but to make us aware of our sin and the way out. God comes to save us so that we may have freedom and new life in him.

Followers of Jesus have “triumphed over [the devil] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” In the movie Luther, Martin Luther says, “I saw God as terrible, unforgiving . . . and sentencing sinners to burn in hell for all eternity. I was wrong. . . . If you truly believe Jesus as your Savior, then we have a God of love. When the devil throws your sins in your face and tells you that you deserve death and hell, tell him, ‘What of it?’ For I know one who has suffered and made satisfaction on my behalf. His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God. Where he is, there I will be also.”

Do you trust in this God who has suffered and died on your behalf? That is victory.


Jesus, we know the wages of sin is death, but your great love has brought us freedom and new life. Thank you for the victory we have through your blood. Amen.