February 16, 2023

Where is Your Hope?

Proverbs 11:4-8

Hopes placed in mortals die with them; all the promise of their power comes to nothing.

—  Proverbs 11:7

In a worship song from the early 2000s, singer/songwriter Brian Doerksen sings, “Jesus, hope of the nations/ Jesus, comfort for all who mourn/ You are the source of heaven’s hope on earth.”

As believers in Christ, we recognize and worship Jesus as the true hope of the world, and yet it’s astounding how often we pin our hopes on ­human beings. In all of our history books, it is clear that people are inclined to find hope in leaders, politicians, and celebrities rather than in the one true God.

Why do we do this? Proverbs warns that placing hope in humans is futile because any human power will come to nothing. As the apostle Paul tells us, “There is no authority except that which God has established” (Romans 13:1).

By saying this, Paul is assuring believers that in all situations, even in the midst of national turmoils and global crises, God is the one who holds all ­authority. Any human who has “power” has it only because God allows it to be so.

In other words, our hopes and desires must lie with the One who is on the throne of the universe. Our prayers must be oriented toward Christ, for he is truly the only hope—the one who can change minds, transform hearts, disperse powers, and bring restoration.

Creator God, you made every living thing, and you hold all things together. Lord, bring restoration to this world that desperately needs your leadership and authority. Amen.

About the author — Jenna Fabiano

Jenna Fabiano is an ordained minister and pastor at Willoughby Church in Langley, British Columbia. She and her family live in nearby Coquitlam, B.C.

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