Who Knows the Truths of Heaven?

Scripture Reading — John 3:9-13

“No one has ever gone into heaven except the one who came from heaven—the Son of Man.”
—John 3:13 — 

Earlier in their conversation together, Nicodemus correctly identifies Jesus as “a teacher who has come from God” (John 3:2). And Jesus teaches Nicodemus and us a few things “from God.”

Heaven and earth are the two dimensions of created reality. Earth we know fairly well—it’s the “physical stuff” dimension.

But heaven we don’t know so well. Sin has clouded our under-standing of it, has cut off our access to it. Heaven is the non-material, spiritual side of reality. We sense that it’s there, and we yearn to know its truths about God, about the true purpose and meaning of life. Who will tell us about heavenly things?

“I will,” says Jesus. “I know heaven; I come from there. No one else has—not the Buddha, not Krishna, not Carl Sagan, nor any other dreamer. I know the truths of heaven.”

Do you want to know what is on God’s mind and in God’s heart? Listen to Jesus.

Do you want to know what God is like? Jesus will show you.

Do you want to know how you can become friends with God? Spend time with Jesus, and you’ll find out.

Do you want to know the truth about life and death? Witness Jesus’ death and resurrection.


Teach me, Jesus, for I have so many questions about God, about the purpose and meaning of life. Enlighten my mind with your truth. Amen.


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