March 13, 2007

Wisdom and Strength

1 Corinthians 1:26-31

God chose the foolish things of the world ... [and] the weak things of the world ... 1 Corinthians 1:27


In 1978 Pyotr, a Christian teenager, was drafted into the Soviet Army. It wasn't long before everyone in his military unit knew he was a "churchman."

One day an officer demanded that Pyotr publicly denounce his faith. He refused. The officer pointed his handgun at Pyotr's head: "Denounce your God right now, or I'll shoot!" Pyotr quietly closed his eyes and prayed. A gun's click broke the silence. A misfire? A moment later--another click! Pyotr trembled, but he remained faithful to Jesus. The upset officer realized that his cruel games wouldn't work. He threw his gun back in its holster and yelled at Pyotr to get out of his office.

When Pyotr remembers this story today, he doesn't think he was such a brave and committed Christian. But somehow in God's grace he managed to remain faithful. Pyotr was one of the "weak things of the world" that God uses "to shame the strong."

We know the limits of our flesh and intellect. But in Christ God chooses us, the weak and often foolish people, to be his disciples. By God's grace we become his strong and wise followers.

It's not up to us; it's up to God. We have no right to boast. We can only praise our almighty Lord for the miracle of transformation--and humbly ask him for more strength and wisdom in our daily walk of faith.

Almighty God, we are weak, but you are strong. Please make us your faithful disciples. Give us the strength and wisdom we need in order to serve you faithfully. Amen.

About the author — Sergei Sosedkin

Sergei Sosedkin is the Russian-language ministry leader for ReFrame Ministries. He is a native of Moscow, Russia. As he oversees the Russian-language ministry, Sosedkin works from our office in Grand Rapids and in various locations in Russia.

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