You Are Invited!

Scripture Reading — Revelation 22:12-17

The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!”
—Revelation 22:17 — 

Let’s say you hear of a friend’s engagement to be married. You congratulate the couple enthusiastically. In the months ahead they tell you about their plans. Yet they never mention whether you’re invited to the wedding. You presume you’ll receive an invitation in the mail, but nothing comes.

Within a few weeks of the wedding you figure the lack of invitation is an oversight. Still, in chats with them you politely don’t mention it. But after the wedding day comes and goes without an invitation, you have to conclude that you must have been left out. That can hurt.

Now imagine yourself outside the Christian community. You’ve heard of the joy Christians have in their walk with God and the value of Christian community. You know a number of Christians. But none of them ever ask if you are a Christian or if you would like to be. How would that feel?

In the closing words of the Bible, God extends his invitation to all. By his Holy Spirit he says, “Come!” Through the church he also says, “Come!” God uses Christians, his “bride,” the church, to invite people into his amazing grace.

Christians need not worry about who will accept or decline. Our role is simply to care enough to invite. And the invitation is to not only see a wedding but to be in it as the bride, the body of believers, whom God dearly loves! Are you inviting people into the presence of the Lord?


Lord, lead me to people I can invite into full life with you by the power of your love. Amen.


Devotion topics: Christianity, Discipleship, Witness