Easter: The Most Important Christian Holiday

Easter is the most important holiday of the Christian Church calendar. It celebrates Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead after he was crucified for the sins of the world―the central tenet of the Christian faith. Easter is a hopeful reminder to all Christians that we too will one day experience resurrection as God makes all things new.

If you would like to know more about Easter―its origins, meaning, terminology―or if you're looking for resources to enrich your celebration this year, we invite you to browse the articles and resources below from Today and our other ReFrame Media programs.

What Is Easter All About?

By Steven Koster

For many people, the word “Easter” conjures up idyllic images of springtime bunnies and colorful baskets filled with chocolates and colored eggs. You might picture little children, dressed up in frilly, pastel-colored dresses or adorable three-piece suits, running across the yard with their full attention on the hunt at hand. While these images reflect modern Easter customs in North America, they do not begin to tell the whole story of Easter, not by a long shot. So, let’s cut through the peripheral clutter to discover what Easter is really all about.

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Christ Is Risen!

By Eleanor Lamsma

Here are some Easter devotionals from our Today publications to help you prepare to celebrate the empty tomb and the risen Lord. If you and your family share a special brunch or dinner on Easter Sunday, you may want to read the Easter story from Matthew 28 or John 20. And you might also want to share one of these devotions.

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Important Easter Definitions

By Robin Basselin

Easter is the most important Christian religious holiday. It always falls on a Sunday and it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death—the key event upon which the Christian faith is based. But for those who are not familiar with Christianity, or for those new to the faith, the terms and holy days surrounding the celebration of Easter can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s a simple list of definitions that will help you understand what the Easter season is all about.

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What Is The Story Behind The Most Popular Easter Traditions?

By Robin Basselin

At its very essence Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. It is also a popular secular holiday celebrated by the majority of North Americans. Easter egg hunts and baskets of candy delight the culture-at-large, regardless of faith background. And for some an Easter sunrise or worship service may be an important annual experience. But where did these traditions come from? Do any of them have biblical or religious significance, or are they secular, or even pagan, in origin? The answers may surprise you.

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The True Origins Of Easter

By Christopher Hunt

Many questions swirl around Easter, the annual celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. What are the true origins of Easter? When did Christians start celebrating Easter? Where do Easter traditions like eggs and bunnies come from? Are some of the origins of Easter really tied to paganism? These are important questions that we try to answer as we examine the early history of Easter.

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Why Is It Called Easter?

By Christopher Hunt

Easter is the name of the most important Christian holiday, the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead after his crucifixion, which is the very heart of the gospel. But, why is this holiday called Easter? Where did the name Easter come from? Let’s shed some light on those questions.

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The Resurrection

A Groundwork podcast episode with hosts Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee

Jesus' resurrection is the foundation of our Christian faith. We celebrate it every Easter. Yet many people have tried to explain away the Resurrection by offering alternate theories of what really happened. But it's not a “choose your own ending” kind of story. Christianity stands or falls on the factualness and truth of the Resurrection. Let's dig into Luke's account of the Resurrection story and discuss why it really matters.

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Easter Grace: Seizing The Teaching Opportunity

By Nadia Swearingen-Friesen

Sometimes, we miss opportunities, and that's OK. Maybe we’re too tired or we think we will have another chance. Sometimes we need grace. But, Easter is a time to seize every teaching opportunity. Make a point to share the truth about God's love, depth of compassion, and response to our suffering in Christ during in the events of Easter week. Let’s teach our children well.

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Easter Cut-out Storytelling

A family Easter activity from Kids Corner

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