5 Devotions about Love

By Jordan An

May 30, 2019

The word “love” evokes all kinds of images: we hear songs about it, read books about it, and write poetry about it. Messages about love surround us. Some of us even refer to the Bible as a “love story,” even though it’s quite different from the love stories we see in movies.

The love found in the Bible is a deeper kind of love than simple romance or affection, even as profound as those loves can be. God’s unconditional, unchanging, and unceasing love for us, as expressed through the person of his Son, Jesus, calls us into a sacrificial love that extends to everyone, even strangers and enemies.

Be encouraged by these devotions that describe this deep love God has for us—a love that strengthens and empowers us to show the same love to others, even when it’s hard.

God’s Love For Us

“The greatest blessing, and perhaps the only constant in the universe, is the mighty force of God’s love.”

Why Love is Hard

“You might say we all have a terrible love life: we love the wrong things for the wrong reasons and in the wrong ways.”

Love is a Choice

“Real love, God’s kind of love, is actually a choice that leads to feelings.”

Loving Our Enemies

“Jesus challenges us to show love that is radical and crazy by the world’s standards.”

Loving Strangers

“It takes the love of Christ to reach out to the stranger who might just bring a unique blessing that you never saw coming.”

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About the author — Jordan An

Jordan works for ReFrame Ministries supporting our programs through digital marketing campaigns. She is passionate about using media to reach the world for Jesus.

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