5 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with God Every Day

By Jordan An

March 17, 2020

It’s easy to feel close to God on Sundays or when we receive something we’ve prayed for. But strong relationships can’t just be tended to every once in a while, or only when we “feel like it.” So, how do we draw near to God and maintain this relationship in the in-between times?

Here are five ways you can strengthen your relationship with God every single day.


Our human relationships grow and develop through communication—and our relationship with God is the same. Through prayer, we can express both our thanksgiving and our concerns. Starting and ending your day by talking to God is a great way to strengthen your faith and reliance on him.


Whether it’s in your car on the way to work or while you clean the house, listening to worship music can be a great way to center your heart on God. You don’t have to sing aloud to worship either. Let your heart and mind reflect on the words of worship being sung, and praise God.

Bible Reading

If someone close to you wrote you a letter or email, would you take the time to read it? God has given us the Bible so we can learn to know him more. Some even describe the Bible as “God’s love letter” to us. When we take time to read his Word, we discover who God is and who we are.


Life is noisy and never seems to slow down. Even when we do take the time to read our Bible, listen to worship music, and pray, we can still easily miss the quieter ways God might want to speak to us. Taking time to intentionally slow down and reflect is vitally important for growing our relationship with God.

Serving Others

It’s easy to make our faith all about “me and God.” However, God commands us to love him and others. When we serve others, we act as God’s hands and feet to the world and become more like him in the process. As we walk with God, his love should overflow out of us and into the lives of those around us.

About the author — Jordan An

Jordan works for ReFrame Ministries supporting our programs through digital marketing campaigns. She is passionate about using media to reach the world for Jesus.

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