Devotional Introduction: July-August 2015

July 1, 2015 • Steven Koster

The greatest mentors in our lives are often our parents, grandparents, and teachers. There's no mistaking their influence in our most formative years. Yet there's much learning to be done as adults. I recall a couple of men in my church when I was a newlywed. They were at least a decade older than I was, but they befriended me. They shared their thoughts, spiritual insights, testimonies, and struggles with me. It wasn't a formal relationship, but those mentors poured their life into mine and shaped me as a young husband and father. I remain grateful for their witness.

The scriptures are full of mentors, and in July my wife Deb and I explore with you how scripture talks about mentoring and being mentored. May we be both teachable and willing to teach!

Then in August, Thea Leunk leads us through the Psalms. The psalms are mentors of a sort in their own way—they lead us in praise, worship, awe, lament, and even complaint. They give voice to all aspects of the human condition in God's presence.

May you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God's word!

Steven KosterSteven Koster

Steven Koster

Former Executive Editor of Today

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