Devotions for Mother’s Day

By Robin Basselin

May 10, 2019

Mother’s Day. It’s a holiday that conjures up images of young children proudly presenting their moms with glitter-and-glue-globbed macaroni necklaces or handmade coupons for free hugs. Maybe you think of breakfasts served in bed, hand-picked bouquets of flowers, or special meals out with the whole family. These are tender and lovely examples of how many children honor their mothers on this very special Sunday.

But for many, Mother’s Day is far from this ideal narrative. It is a day filled with complicated emotions, grief, and conflicting realities. Maybe you’ve lost your mother this year, or you are weary from years of struggling with infertility, or you are estranged from your adult child.

In whatever situation you find yourself this Mother’s Day, here are devotions to help you honor the mothers in your midst and draw closer to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on this day.

3 devotions to help you honor a mother or wife in your life:

Honor Your Mother by Art Schoonveld

What Mothers Need by David Feddes

The Witness of Parents and Children by Daryl DeKlerk

Devotions to acknowledge the spiritual mothers who helped shape you:

Related by Faith by Julius Medenblik

Naomi and Ruth: Unintentional Mentor by Steven and Deb Koster

A devotion for mothers with wayward children:

The Look of Love by George Vink

A reflection for those who have lost their mother:

Death is Hard to Deal With by John Rozeboom

A devotion for the motherless or those abandoned by their mothers:

No Longer Orphans by Jimmy Tai-On Lin

Devotions for those struggling with the grief and loss of infertility:

The Hurt that Will Not Go Away by Art Schoonveld

God is Still at Work by Mark Stephenson

Devotions for mothers who have endured the loss of a child:

Celebration and Remembrance by Mark Stephenson

Through Tears, Comfort by Rob Toornstra

This Mother’s Day, may we all take time to celebrate the mother’s in our lives, whether biological, adoptive, foster, step, or spiritual. And may we also remember and honor those who grieve.

About the author — Robin Basselin

Robin enjoys being a part of the Today content team - writing, editing, and dreaming about ways to more effectively serve the Today audience. Robin has a wonderful husband and four children. As a family, they enjoy cooking, traveling, camping, and serving in their local congregation.

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