Earthly Treasures, Heavenly Treasure

July 31, 2019 • Steven Koster

Our August theme for the Today devotions, written by George Young, is “Earthly Treasures, Heavenly Treasure.”

What’s more valuable to you than anything else?

Some years ago, some friends of mine were moving and had packed all they owned on a big moving truck. Somewhere on the road, the truck caught fire, and all their possessions literally went up in smoke. They were safe, but all their stuff was lost. The contrast between those two outcomes says a lot about what is truly valuable.

Jesus likened salvation to a treasure, something more valuable and precious than anything else we could have. Throughout the month of August, we’ll reflect together on both our eternal treasure and the many blessings we have here on earth. We’ll recognize that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights” (James 1:17). We’ll remember the importance of giving thanks to God and ponder how God calls us to use his blessings for good and for others—with eyes open to the coming of his kingdom.

We pray that these devotionals will empower us—by God’s grace—to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us. Let’s strive to live out what one hymn suggests: “May the mind of Christ, my Savior, live in me from day to day, by his love and power controlling all I do and say.”

George Young is a retired missionary to Japan who is now living in the northeastern United States, where he and his wife can be near their children and grandchildren.

As you read the Today devotionals this month, may you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God’s Word!

Steven KosterSteven Koster

Steven Koster

Former Executive Editor of Today

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