Following Jesus: Lessons from Luke


January 31, 2018

Our February theme for the Today devotions, written by Pastor Reggie Smith, is “Following Jesus: Lessons from Luke.”

The land of Israel isn’t very big. Today, you can drive from Nazareth to Jerusalem in less than two hours. Of course, in ancient times, everyone walked. Jesus walked all over, from far to the north, all around the sea of Galilee, to the Jerusalem temple in the south. His disciples followed with him, trying to learn to be like him, even as his journey took him to the cross.

This year Ash Wednesday is in February, so this month will have a Lenten focus. But before we look at Lent and Jesus’ journey to the cross, we’ll travel along some of the earlier roads that Jesus took in his difficult journey. We’ll listen to him as he tells parables, and we’ll watch as he performs many miracles. We’ll spend time with his disciples as they learn from him—and we’ll learn right along with them.

We’ll focus on Luke 6-18, noting how already early in his ministry Jesus had one main focus—his journey to the cross. He knew why he was here on this earth, and he knew that his life would end in Jerusalem. And so he set out to travel to that city, where the ultimate sacrifice would be paid for our salvation.

Are you ready to travel this journey with our Today devotional readings this month?

Pastor Reggie Smith has pastored churches in the United States for many years before he became the director of the Office of Race Relations and the Office of Social Justice for the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

As you read the Today devotionals this month, may you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God’s Word!

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