How to Make Your own Today Devotional "Mobile App"


By Justin Sterenberg

March 4, 2015

One of the most commonly requested features for the Today Devotional Mobile app is the ability to increase the text size. Unfortunately, that function isn't currently available on our mobile app. The third party software that the app is built in doesn't allow that functionality. However, there is a place that function is available -- our website on your mobile device! The new Today Devotional website was built with responsive design, so the site optimizes for the device that you're on.

Sometimes it's nice to have that icon on your phone as a reminder to check out your daily devotional every day. This post will show you how to save the Today website as an app icon on your phone.

iOS (iPhone & iPad) Instructions

Open up Safari on your device and navigate to

Tap the bottom your device screen, you should see navigation that looks like this come up:

Click the icon in the middle with the arrow pointing up. That will pull up navigation that looks like the image below:

Click the icon with the "+" in the center to save this web page to your home screen. This will save the Today home page as an "app" on your mobile device.

Android Instructions

For detailed instructions on how to save the Today Devotional as a "mobile app" on an Android device, click this link: How to pin a website to Android homescreen

Kindle Fire Instructions

While you can't save the Today Devotional home page as an "app" on your Kindle Fire device, you can save it as a bookmark in the Silk browser. Just click the icon on the right sidebar that has three horizontal lines. That should pop out a menu option where you can select "Add Bookmark". You can access your bookmarks by swiping from left to right on the left side of your Kindle Fire screen.

We are constantly working hard to improve your experience with the Today Devotional across all of your devices and we hope that you find this post helpful. Make sure you are subscribed to the Today Devotional to receive all the latest news on accessibility across devices.


About the author — Justin Sterenberg

Justin serves as Co-Director of ReFrame's English-language ministry, where he is responsible for crafting and implementing ministry-wide media strategies. Leading a team of marketing, web design, social media, and audio professionals, he is dedicated to telling God's story through elegant online experiences that foster authenticity and community.

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