Jesus’ Extended Family


November 30, 2017

Our December theme for the Today devotions, written by Rev. Thea Leunk, is “Jesus’ Extended Family.”

Genealogy and family history have become very popular these days. You don’t have to have the television on very long before you see a commercial advertising how you can send in a sample of your DNA to discover your ethnic background and genealogical roots. Were your ancestors northern European? Do you have some African, Asian, or Native American roots? Or maybe you’re a combination of many different races and cultures. A lot of people are.

I too have been eager to discover my roots. I’ve researched my family history going back several generations in the Netherlands. It’s been interesting to discover just who my ancestors are, what kind of lives they led, and even learn about a few skeletons in my ancestral closet.

This month, we’re going to look at Jesus’ human ancestry. Some of his ancestors are highlighted in specific lists; some are not. Some followed and worshipped God; others did not. In many of them, we learn of their strong godly characteristics, but also their great weaknesses and sins. Some were outright scandalous! All of them were important figures in biblical history.

As we look forward to the birth of Jesus Christ, it’s so comforting to know that no matter who we are, what our background is, or what we have done, Jesus came to this earth for each one of us. Jesus—who is God—was born and lived on this earth so that we can someday live eternally with him in glory.

That’s what we celebrate this Christmas! I pray that these Today readings will help you focus on Jesus.

Thea Nyhoff Leunk is a teacher, writer and pastor living in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As you read the Today devotionals this month, may you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God’s Word!

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